Tryston's Administrator Application

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Tryston's Administrator Application

Post  Tryston on Tue Aug 14, 2012 10:55 pm

1. User Name And Ingame Username If Applicable:Username is Tryston- Ingame name is Tryston.

2. How Will You Help Out:I have many ideas to contribute to the server. Plus i have experience being a positive role model on a server.

3. Have You Ever Had Any Experience As Staff Before?: Yes i have. i also have experience running a server.

4. Tell What Makes This Server Great, And What You Can Do To Help Improve It : I like the staff and the source very much. I feel as if i could bring more ideads to this server and help our community.

5. Are You Very Active In The Forums?, If So How Long Do You Spend On The Forums / Chatbox Daily?: I will be very active on the forums. i could spend up to 5 - 6 hours on each day.

6. How Active Are You Ingame?, How Many Hours Do You Spend Playing Daily?: I can be very active also ingame just as much on the forums. i will be spending multiple hours on this server to help with our growning community.

7. How Long Have You Been Playing? I have been playing for 1 hour.

8. Proof Of Experience As Staff (Maturity,Age): I am 16 years old. Bout to be 17.

9. Why Should We Accept You For A Staff Position?: Because i will be a very good role model to our growing community, plus contribute many ideas.

10. Would Anyone Recommend You For Staff?: I feel like when people see that i am reliable and Trustworthy that people will recommend me for this position.

11. If You Are Selected To Be A Moderator Or Admin And Abuse Your Powers, We WILL Have No Choise But To Demote You Of Your Staff Position!, Do You Agree To These Terms?: Yes i stongly agree.


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